In recent decades, an increasing number of philosophers in the so called “analytic tradition” have begun to produce exciting philosophical work on topics
belonging traditionally to the provenance of systematic theology. The Analytic Theology Project is a multinational four-year endeavor that contributes to this development in a creativeway. It funds systematic research to promote long overdue interdisciplinary cooperation among analytic philosophers and theologians.

Among the main grant activities for achieving the goals of the project are three 10-day Summer Schools, each of which is followed up by an International Conference.Organized by the Institut für Religionsphilosophische Forschung
(Institute for Research in Philosophy of Religion, Goethe-University Frankfurt) and the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen, the Summer
School and the Analytic TheologyConference 2013 will be held at Mainz (near Frankfurt/Main) and will focus on the issue of Theological Realism.

The debate initiated by analytic approaches to the Philosophy of Religion can be characterized by three areas of discussion: the relation between the Philosophy of Religion and other philosophical disciplines, the connection  between Philosophy of Religion and Theology and finally the correlation between the Anglo-American and the Continental Philosophy. The Frankfurt Summer School and Conference will serve as a forum to discuss the problem of Theological Realism as a test case with regard to all of these fields.